Monday, September 14, 2009

About Me

The Cup – Not man-made, God made.
It is unbreakable; it is free of use but not for sale and no one can buy it. Christ paid the price on the cross and bought it. The blood of Christ washes it daily. Designed by the perfect will of God. Even it falls it will not break but may have some scratches and still it will be useful. Every day it is serviced by the sword. Those who drink through this cup will be healed inner and outer. It was introduced to the World on 25th May 1974. Nearly for 28 years it was lost but found and it was caught by the hook and not by the net. That’s why it is very special. The miracle of this cup is that it continues to transform everyday and becomes brighter. Every event God allows and the different Characters appear in this cup are being used by God to develop and make more like Christ. The Holy Spirit fills it and it overflows and never becomes dry. Because it is God made, it cannot be kept in showcase it is to be used always for others. Cause it is made for others.
The Cup is no one but me – J. Allen Benjamin,
S/O A Jewish Carpenter